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Brian Richardson brian at cubik.ca
Sat Nov 27 08:47:49 UTC 2004

Colin Paul Adams wrote:

>I'm getting dozens of these every nigh. What's the significance of
>these messages?
>crond[29391]: pam_succeed_if: requirement "uid < 100" was met by user "root"
>crond[29487]: pam_succeed_if: requirement "uid < 100" was met by user "mailman"
It means that cron is running as a user with UID < 100, usually reserved 
for special system accounts. I doubt that there's anything to worry 
about, but I'd check the crontabs for root and mailman to ensure that 
they're running only what they're supposed to. If you don't need to 
worry about this, then perhaps you could configure Logwatch to ignore 
crond entries.


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