Where is the FC3 kernel Source?

Shaffer Paul pshaffer at spaceimaging.com
Sun Nov 28 14:56:47 UTC 2004

To me, the whole point is to just not take it personally whenever people
ask dumb questions and, not to mention things like top-posting, etc ad
nauseum.  That would eliminate a lot of discomfort here for me,

If you read every post to this thread you should now be aware the even
the most advanced user/sysadmin/guru/whatever will often ignore the
documentation and press on full speed ahead, confident in their
experience and knowledge.  I know I regularly do, and don't try to tell
me you haven't done so as well at one time or another.

Choose to answer or not, but address the post and leave the rest of it

'nuff said  sorry for the rant...

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> On Sat, 27 Nov 2004, James Wilkinson wrote:
> > How can we make the release notes even more obvious?
> incorporate them into the clickable user license by testing 
> the user with a small number of skill-testing questions 
> before allowing the install to continue.
> no, no, just kidding.  well, maybe not ...
> rday
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