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Thierry Sayegh linux at
Sun Nov 28 23:03:50 UTC 2004

Terry R. Grier wrote:
> Hello All.
Hello Terry
> gnome vs. KDE ...
You're about to start a religious war ;-)

> Is there a good resource to read to learn the adv. or disadv on these?
Really a user experience thing..I started with KDe but switched to Gnome 
  over the years.
If you come from a Microsoft background, you might prefer KDE, it tends 
to be more intuitive, mind you the difference is thin nowadays 
especially with Bluecurve.
I find Gnome more streamlined/slicker but that *personal taste* only

> I added KDE on my install of FC3.
I suppose you installed Gnome as well

> How do I swtich between gnome and KDE ?
Either at log on (i assume you are using the graphical logon screen)
or use the Desktop switching tool in Preference > More pref

> And where do I find addition themes for gnome?
gnome website / google?! not sure on that one, i never bothered, I use 
the terminal a lot

> T

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Q: Why is top posting bad?

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