Speaking of Fedora being behind....

Scott angrykeyboarder at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 02:35:26 UTC 2004

William M. Quarles wrote:

> Scott wrote:
>> How about OpenOffice.org?
>> Fedora Core 3 was released with OpenOffice.org 1.1.2
>> The latest release of OpenOffioce is 1.1.3 
>> (http://download.openoffice.org/1.1.3/release_notes_1.1.3.html ) and 
>> this was weeks before FC 3 was released. We've still not seen an 
>> update..
> I think weeks might be a little too soon for it to make it into a 
> Fedora Core release. I do think that about two months should warrant 
> it, considering the Fedora Core releases are done two to three times a 
> year.

Fair enough, it's been a few months. I'll be "patiently" waiting for 
their update.. ;-)

>> There are about a bazillion bug fixes in 1.1.3..
> They better be very important bugs, otherwise The Fedora Project will 
> ignore you. Up2Date has had awful problems for all three releases and 
> they haven't been fixed yet. The Apt compatibility is basically 
> useless. I doubt that there are any security issues with Open Office 
> since it's not a Microsoft product. ;-)

1.1.1 had a HUGE bug with making bloated PDF files (which was corrected 
in 1.1.2) but to the best of my knowledge, there was never an update for 
FC 2.

>> I'd have upgraded myself but I like the integration you get with 
>> Fedora's version.
> You could always try making your own RPM. I've had to do it before. It 
> also give you the opportunity to compile it for your specific 
> architecture for better performance.
I guess my posts aren't making it to everyone.... I just wrote earlier 
today about giving up and building my own Thunderbird 0.9 RPM....



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