Mail Server

Roger Grosswiler roger at
Mon Nov 29 06:59:46 UTC 2004

> how should i configure fetchmail? - there seems to be mention of a -MTA
> switch?
I use fetchmail also in conjunction with fetchmail, this works fine. You need to have a .fetchmailrc in your
/home/$USER - containing at least:

poll your-isps-pop-server proto pop3
user "username-on-isps-machine" is your-aliased-name-on-your-server here <-- the 'here' at the end is needed ;-)
password "your-password"

> Should I setup a specific user to run the fetchmail command,
>   e.g. at the moment i've setup a user called mailbox which is used for
> the collection of mail.
> or is there a standard user which should be used when collecting the mail
> form the ISP? by this i don't mean the ISP POP Username, im refering to
> the local user of which mailbox the mail is downloaded into.
you get your e-mails afterwards just typing fetchmail as the user that should get the e-mails. You can create a
cronjob for this too, eg. picking the e-mails all 5 minutes or whatever.


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