Fedora Extras is extra

William M. Quarles quarlewm at jmu.edu
Tue Nov 30 03:44:39 UTC 2004

Dag Wieers wrote:

> Apt allows this by use of pinning packages/repositories (a feature that 
> Yum does not have either) although the configuration if Apt's pinning 
> functionality is a major disaster and should be part of a developer's hall 
> of shame all by itself :)

I've used APT to upgrade packages, and I've read about this "pinning" 
feature before; what is this "pinning"?

> Summary: I don't think a repository maintainer should suffer because 
> applications lack functionality that users want. Especially if it can be 
> automated fairly easily (ie. the path of the least amount of work).
> BTW the core packages that are replaced (at least from the RPMforge 
> project, FreshRPMS, Dries, Dag and PlanetCCRMA) are minor, only for 
> leaf-packages (not libraries) and if there's a real need. My website has a 
> Rationale attached to each of these packages.

I just got told about this Fedora Alternatives subproject; sounds like 
the same stuff only it probably won't work as good as FreshRPMS, et al.
Seriously, the replacement packages that I have used never break 
compatibility with Fedora Core programs.  They are usually adding 
something to that package's features rather than taking or breaking away.


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