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Jarkko Elfving jarelf at ebaana.net
Tue Nov 30 16:29:14 UTC 2004


I've some questions about VNC. I'm never been used it before.
Friend of mine (under my eyes, he's very, very good Linux user - I'm not
so good (yet :))) had tried to configure the VNC on Fedora Core 2 - with
no success. He had read everything about it, but still he doesn't get it
where something went wrong. VNC session on Linux-to-Windows works fine
without any problems, but not on Linux-to-Linux.
I've read some messages of yours but still I don't know how it works.
Somewhere I found a discussion where sayed that there must be an access
in the firewall (I understand that so, that default firewall settings
does not accept any VNC connections to anywhere).

Can you help me to build working configurations to VNC. Then I can help
my friend on with it.


BTW: Some of you uses a PGP signatures, what keyserver do you usually
Jarkko Elfving <jarelf at ebaana.net>
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