xawtv: no audio sound

Jim Higson jh at 333.org
Tue Nov 30 18:27:53 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 30 Nov 2004 13:34, Raffi Khatchadourian wrote:
> Jim Higson wrote:
> >On Tuesday 30 Nov 2004 13:09, you wrote:
> >>Yeah, it seems that the sound is not being generated in the xawtv
> >>application. Upon startup, yes, the sound mixer is usually muted or down
> >>to 0. When muted, I am not able to hear the "channel" clicking sound.
> >>When I turn up the slider, unfortunately, that is all I hear when I
> >>change the channels.
> >
> >Just to make sure the tv card is ok, have you tried connecting it directly
> > to your speakers? If it's making clicking noises and nothing else, I'd
> > try debugging there.
> >
> >Of course it depends what kind of set up you have, I'm assuming it's like
> > mine where the tv card decodes the audio and sends it via an external
> > cable to the sound card, which really just acts as an analogue volume
> > control (no processing done by card or application). Digital DV might be
> > different.
> Hmm ... I have not tried connecting directly to my speakers. I plugged a
> walkman into the line-in jack on my sound blaster card and it worked
> fine so I just assumed that wasn't the problem. I will try that tho. How
> would I go about debugging there? Is there any options to debug with
> xawtv? If so, what would I look for?

You've got to remember that xawtv just mutes and unmutes the line in, it 
doesn't generate or process the sound data at all, the signal is fed into the 
line in as analog and sent straight back to the line out without being 
digitised (well, it *might* be, point is the ap doesn't touch the sound)

In KDE (You mention it somewhere else in the thread) you can do what xawtv 
does - mute and unmute chanels - from the input pane of kmix. Try unmuting it 
manually when there's a signal coming from the tv card.

If you plug headphones directly into the tvcard's line out and there's no 
signal I can only assume it's borked. Some cards have an internal volume 
setting (in addintion to the input volume onthe sound card) - the only 
program I know which can change this is tvtime, however most cards come with 
it at 100% percent by default and I can't think of a good reason it'd have 
been changed. 

> Yes, I do have that setup where an external cable that runs into the
> sound card. I do not have the DV card.

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