Fedora Core 2 installation problem on a Sony Vaio PCG-9L1M

Jörg-Rüdiger Hill Joerg-Ruediger.Hill at scienomics.com
Fri Oct 1 08:23:54 UTC 2004

I have recently tried to install FC2 on a Sony Vaio PCG-9L1M. The installation 
goes through smoothly, I can reboot and login as root to complete the 
installation (e. g. creating a user). But when I then try to reboot, the 
machines goes in an endless loop after having printed something about:
module md failed
(the print statement is incomplete)
and trying to start the X server. Normally, there would be only a limited 
number of restart attempts for the X server, but this is not the case here.
I did not change any setting for X Windows the first time I could log in and 
the X server was running at this time perfectly well.
Any hint on what might be wrong here would be appreciated.

Jörg-Rüdiger Hill

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