Fedora Core 3 -- questions

Robert Locke rlocke at ralii.com
Wed Oct 6 19:29:53 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-10-06 at 15:05, Xavier Gonzalez wrote:
> I am currently using FC1 after a painful update to FC2 on my ThinkPad
> T42. I had several issues with:
> - freezing: computer would suddenly come to a freeze without any reason. 
> - wireless: I am using linuxant's driverloader and I had to download a
> custom kernel to fix the "only 4MB stack" problem, and not too long
> after that the wireless PCI was not recognized.
> - partition problem: when I first installed FC1, I erased WXP from my
> HD leaving it without anything on any partition. A couple of days
> latter when I decided to upgrade to FC2, it gave me several warnings
> regarding a partition problem that is "fixable", but I never received
> instructions on how to fix this problem.
> Now, I know that for some of you this might be infinitely  mundane
> problems. Although I have been using linux for 4+ years now, there are
> somethings that still too time consuming for me to figure out and
> solve.
> So, my question is: are these problems being taken into account?, or
> is it still expected of the user to fence for his/her-self?
> cheers,
> --Xavier

Unfortunately, I am not sure what to do for you....

On the other side, with a slightly older ThinkPad, T40, Pentium M 1.6
and IBM branded wireless (Atheros), I have experienced none of the
problems you are recounting....  I started on this notebook with RHEL3,
then FC1, then FC2 and things have been marvelous.

As to freezing, you need to come up with some sort of common element.  I
know many people have had various video driver/xscreensaver problems. 
Frankly, while I run xscreensaver, I have configured for only a blank
screen, no random drawing crap and the machine has yet to lock up.

As to your wireless, the fact that the wireless PCI is "not recognized"
leads me to believe that something else is perhaps going on.  You need
to be more specific of commands entered and output received.  The IBM
branded card with the MadWifi Project drivers has been working extremely
well for me.

Finally, I am unclear as to when you saw the partition error.  anaconda
is known to produce a similar error message, but the message clearly
states an ability to "Ignore" the message.  It really falls back to the
whole LBA thing that messed some up with dual-booting with XP... 
Frankly, on one HD in this machine, I still have an XP partition and
installed FC2 and never had the dual-boot problem reported by

So, my question to you, are you truly explaining the details of the
problems so we can help you, or are you just looking for a shoulder to
cry on, because I just took a shower....


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