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> Dear All,
>     Basically to read and write japanese. I would also appriciate if anyone 
> could give me a good link for learning japanese so that it would be useful 
> for my next project.
> Regards,
> Rajiv

Another poster did a good job of describing the steps for Japanese 
support.  I would also mention that Mozilla works fine for Japanese mail 
  and can be run fully localized or with English menus.  Also Openoffice 
has full Japanese versions, if you need an office suite.

As for learning, you might take a look at Jim Breen's page at Monash 
University.  He has some good stuff, including EDICT (a free Japanese 
dictionary for computers).  There's also a Java package that I use 
called "jgloss" which is also very useful.  It scans Japanese text and 
annotates all of the Kanji with definitions and readings.  You can find 
it at Freshmeat.

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