X-Window Update

Paul Howarth paul at city-fan.org
Fri Oct 8 12:04:48 UTC 2004

Is there an echo in here?

mfr100 at libero.it wrote:
> I am quite new to Linux and I would like to update X-Window using RPMs that I downloaded from Fedora Core web site.
> I have saved them in one local folder and when I try to run rpm command I have dependency errors.

What dependency errors are you getting? You may need to download some 
additional RPMs that your new X RPMs require.

> Where can I find instructions for update X-Window?
> Or is it possible to make so that Yum use a local directory instead of the Internet?
> What is the best way to make it supposing that you do not have Internet connection in the Linux PC and you want to update X-Window from local directory?

You can use yum-arch command to create a repository from a local dir.
Then use file:/// URL in /etc/yum.conf to point to that repository. Look
at man for yum-arch and yum.conf to get the details.

(saving Pasha the trouble of replying again...)


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