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Robert kerplop at
Mon Oct 11 00:10:36 UTC 2004

root wrote:
> Hi all,
> Due to a program using huge data-files I want to create a new partition
> on my WindowsXP/Fedora 2.6.8-dual boot macine.
> The disk already contains 2 NTFS-partitions, 3 Fat32 en 3 Linux
> partitions.
> Since I'm nearly new to Unix/Linux/Fedora i prefer a partition manager
> with an easy to use GUI. I now that Disk DRUID is only usable within the
> ANACONDA environment during installation.
> Can someone give me a tip?

You might be interested in this bootable CD which contains several tools 
including qtparted.

I sincerely hope that you also become interested in being someone other 
than "root"!
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