cant mount drive

Thornton thornton at
Mon Oct 11 01:51:12 UTC 2004

> (This is the problem of an application auto-hijacking a cd drive which 
> is especially annoying when you're trying to burn a CD or DVD.)
> Yes, KDE also has that "feature". To fix it AND keep KDE happy, I:
> # mv /usr/bin/autorun /usr/bin/WAS_autorun
> # touch /usr/bin/autorun
> # chmod 755 /usr/bin/autorun
> # echo "#!/bin/bash" > /usr/bin/autorun
> Actually, I also edit the new /usr/bin/autorun and add comments about
> what I did and why.... and I wouldn't be too surprised if there was a 
> reference to the ancestry of the person who invented auto*.
> If you don't create the dummy script, KDE will bitch when it's started.

I tried that but when I try to burn I still get the original error that
it cant have exclusive rights to the CD.

I made that change and booted into root first thing..couldnt burn it :(

Thanks for the advice though.

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