Mplayer and .wav

Timothy Payne tim at
Wed Oct 13 13:01:08 UTC 2004

Oh, I see the problem, under Gnome it's listed as "Music Player" but I
went to about and it's Rhythmbox 0.8.3 not mplayer. I did a locate and
gmplayer is not on my system and I tried to install it with yum but it
couldn't find it.  Is it not an FC2 app?


On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 00:28, HaJo Schatz wrote:
> Timothy Payne said:
> > I'm assuming that music player is mplayer.  It won't recognize .wav
> > files in a directory.  When I was looking through the options it did not
> > mention .wav.
> Sounds like you're using a GUI. Which one? mplayer is a cmd-line tool and
> supports .wav. It's "official GUI" for Gnome is gmplayer, which also
> supports .wav. Advise which GUI you use and we might be able to help.
> HaJo

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