FC2 crashes on a SE7500CW2 motherboard & SMP error

UNINet mds at vip.uninet.com.br
Thu Oct 14 12:58:59 UTC 2004


I'm running FC2 on a dual Xeon 2Ghz, SE7500CW2 motherboard server based.

Well, first of all I'm runnig kernel 2.6.8-1.590smp because it doesn't 
run with any other smp kernel version - It doesn't even boot (the 
computer restarts in the middle of the proccess).
Even with 2.6.8-1.590smp, it doesn't seem to work fine. I got the 
messages below in the error log:

kernel: SMP mptable: checksum error!
kernel: BIOS bug, MP table errors detected!...
kernel: ... disabling SMP support. (tell your hw vendor)

After a couple of days running fine, it hung yesterday.
I got no error messages in log regarding this crash..

What can I do to enable SMP?

Any help would be apreciated.

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