FLAME____ Why is the kernel source not included (should be: "I NEED ATTENSION")

Chadley Wilson chadley at pinteq.co.za
Fri Oct 15 10:37:45 UTC 2004

On Friday 15 October 2004 06:11, Ken Johanson wrote:
> Answer not needed, I'm keenly aware of the politics behind this.
> But I'd forgotten about this "issue" and spent my time trying out what I
> though must be a viable distro...
> But since it didnt detect my DGE-530 NIC, and the drivers that Dlink
> kindly provides need to be compiled, I'm SCREWED by the politics because
> a bunch of headers and fundamantal-to-any-Linux kernel source is not
> installed. Thats right, the most rudimentary component of the system
> besides the kernel itslef, not placed in /usr/src/linux. Flame*Nuclear.
> And it doesnt exist as an option under the add-remove app's so called..
> but FAR FROM complete.. "developent tools" section either.
> Be giving Suse, Mandrake, etc another look. No time for Redhat games.
> -PS anyone who wants to waste keytrokes telling me that *I* should
> research some Redhat specific way of getting the kernel - even if its
> obtusely hidden on a disk... dont bother.

Well since Fedora is a development project, and runs on bleeding edge 
technology (meaning unstable to some extent), The Fedora Team are trying new 
things before any one else, like the Xorg server, which created a good run on 
the Nvidia Flamewars, 
The fact that kernel headers aren't there is said. If you know they aren't and 
why they aren't and just want to fight, then you will get a fight. 
Although I am on your side as I have had many things require headers. And 
could not use Fedora as a result. So simply put if a distro is too 
complicated and requires too much effort to get it working, don't use it.

One does however need to look at what it is you expect from a piece of 
software, and make a decision. It seems apparent that you are fairly new to 
the playing field in linux, which explains the flames coming from your side 
of the mail server. or of course you are a bit lazy and never really checked 
what Fedora is about on its home page. Sh!t ! Google man, Google is your 

In conclusion if you want stable, complete and no tweaking the use something 
like Mandrake or Suse, (You still have settings and small tasks on these!)
These distros have nice M$ type update servers which provide bug fixes and 
patches. However you also can't tweak them  much. 


Where I would not use Fedora as a production server, the uneducated do, and 
end up with steam comming out of their ears and eye balls, and flames from 
their butts,  All I can say is I hope you learn, Fedora is a good place to 
learn from, and better your skills, the list has many great people on it, and 
they are willing to help you if you ask your questions in the correct manner, 
and with courteously. As for me I run Centos and RedHat as Production, and 
use Fedora to test new things before applying them to production machines.
I like Suse as it has a huge bundle of games and was quick as easy to install 
massive amounts of prebuilt apps with dependancy solving handled for you. 
Where our Fedora repos have dependancy solving, the also lack the packages, 
but they are getting there. And let me tell you this, if you think you are 
hard core and can't dance with Fedora, Then I would suggest Debian woody, You 
will get a 7 CD monster with just about every thing you can dream of on them, 
You will actually experience a system that you install from apt-get, and the 
kernel headers are there by the way. You will almost setup the whole system 
by hand. But it is stable enough for anything. I just hate spending a few 
hours getting a base up an running.  

Also you should check that your hardware is supported before you buy hardware 
or load a distro, that in itself makes life easier.

So there you have it, 
If you haven't something worth saying then SHUT-UP!

Cheers to my Pals here
Its weekend and theres an ICE COLD beer in the fridge at home :->

Chadley Wilson
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