problems with upgrade from RH9 to FC2

James Wilkinson james at
Sat Oct 16 20:46:45 UTC 2004

Gary Parker wrote:
> I tried removing and reinstalling gnome-panel, related packages and
> dependencies, but nothing changed there.  I saw reference somewhere to removing
> .gconf* and .gnome* directories to fix this but that didn't work either.
> I have no idea where to go from here aside from a complete reinstall, which I
> hope is not necessary.
> Bash now gives a strange complaint for any command given:
>     $ ls
>     bash: child setpgid (1709 to 1709): No such process

Out of interest, what happens if you create a new, test user? Do either
of the problems go away?

Do you have any *.rpmnew files in /etc?


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