Dual boot strategy

Jon Savage jonathansavage at gmail.com
Sun Oct 17 17:50:45 UTC 2004

> 2. About partitioning: What would be the downside of setting up a separate
> /home partition that can be accessed by either version? My thought is
> something like 10 gb for /home, 1 gb /swap, 100 mb for each /boot, and 12 gb
> for each /.
You might run into a little weirdness doing that especially if you
install core 3 w/ selinix enabled. Also it is *highly* likely that
your gnome, mozilla, firefox (whatever) apps may not like the old
configuration files in /home/username. If it were me I'd just copy
anything I wanted to save from /home/* into another partition e.g.
/files, do a install of core 3 with its own /home, using /share to
store & access docs etc. from both core 2 & core 3. YMMV.

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