Gnome , lightweight tricks

fabiano fabiano.panther at
Mon Oct 18 22:12:02 UTC 2004

 I've installed FC2+gnome on this machine:

p3 700 sis630 176megs (effective) memory
800*600 16millions colors

I've already disabled useless services, and I have set the filemanager 
to make only preview when  file's size less than 200Kbytes.
(less weight&work).
I'm quite impressed , it seems quite good .
I'm curious..>There Are other settings ,I can manage, to raise the speed 
of gnome enviroment?
(e.g: disable same features,filters, I'm not able to find out something 
useful in GNOME's control panel).

Do you know any other gnome's tricks?
Tricks to save memory and raise speed are very appreciated.

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