Port forwarding and ssh

eric tanguy eric.tanguy at physique.univ-nantes.fr
Tue Oct 19 06:39:52 UTC 2004

>> Sorry for the problem but i solved it : in fact all
>> was well configured
>> the only problem was from my NAT router which does
>> not accept port
>> forwarding and nat access from an inside machine
>> through the outside. I
>> try this morning to ssh from my work to my home
>> without any problem. The
>> only problem i still have is : when i'm connected
>> from work to my front
>> machine by ssh and port forwarding and i try to ssh
>> to another machine
>> inside my private network i obtain, after the
>> password, permission denied
>> but i have to test also at home directly from the
>> front machine to another
>> one inside my network.
>> Eric
> It will be highly appreciated if you have a chance to
> publish what you did about setup ssh for your home
> machine. I am the guy who is still fighting for
> that... :-(
> Thanks.
> Best,
>  Cao
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Ok i explain what i did.
The situation i have 2 pc in fc2 (pc1 pc2 and 1
adsl-router-geteway-... (
On the gateway i enable inscription to dyndns (toto.homeip.net this is an
example because i don't want to give the real one on a mailing list) and
enable port forwarding on port 22 to pc1.
I asked to my system admin at my university to open ssh connection to
I connect from work to pc1 using ssh user at toto.homeip.net without any
problem but if i try the same from pc2 it doesn't work. Thinking about it
i found this quiet normal. From my private network i have to use private
address and not port forwarding. The only thing i didn't yet achieve is
when i'm connected by ssh from outside to pc1 I can't connect to pc2. I
have to make some more tries but today i am in a part of my university
where ssh to outside is forbidden. Some more news soon i hope.
I hope also this will help you.

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