Finding the SSID of a Wireless Network

Pybe squalidstuff at
Tue Oct 19 08:48:59 UTC 2004

On Sun, 17 Oct 2004 16:05:58 -0400, rab <rab at> wrote:
> Jon Savage wrote:
> I would have thought that at a hotel, they would broadcast the ssid. How
> is it that XP users connect automatically? At home, my laptop connects
> automatically (of course I have told it the encryption info). How do XP
> users connect automatically without telling their computer anything?
> It's a mystery to me. In using the network configuration program, it
> asks about managed, channel, WEP, ssid, whether to use DHCP etc. I've
> tried changing all the parameters at a hotel or at school but the green
> light on the card always just blinks. (At home, as soon as the card is
> plugged in the green light comes on and does not blink.) I've also tried
> disabling the firewall (just temporarily) to see if that were the
> problem (the front desk suggested it). At one hotel they told you the
> SSID ("LODGE" - all caps). I had to use a wireless bridge plugged into
> the built-in ethernet port and this worked perfectly. What would be a
> "typical" configuration for a hotel? (The card I'm using is 802.11b.) I
> tried following the directions at school for Red Hat but still would
> never work.

Set the ssid to any & it will connect to any connection automatically.
I use this on my laptop and other than when connecting to WEP secured
networks you dont have to touch anything just set to any, no wep &


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