iptables problem...

Linn Kubler lkubler at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 15:16:25 UTC 2004

On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 02:59:19 +0200, Alexander Dalloz
<alexander.dalloz at uni-bielefeld.de> wrote:
> Am Di, den 19.10.2004 schrieb Linn Kubler um 2:24:
> > Oops, sorry it didn't even occure to me to post the file.    So I ran
> > "system-config-securitylevel" and it offered me the chance to enable
> > so I did.  It returned the prompt with no message so I'm assuming that
> > ment it worked correctly.
> >
> > I then ran "service iptables restart" to see what would happen and I
> > got the same error message as before.  Here is my iptables file, hope
> > it's readable.
> > Linn
> The iptables configuration file is correct (regarding the syntax). Check
> the syslog files, especially /var/log/messages, for errors.
> Alexander
Looking at the /var/log/messages file I see some errors: (looks like
during boot up)
modprobe: FATAL: Module ip_tables not found.
I also see that the smartd service fails to start, but that's not too
surprising if it does what I think it does.  And mdmpd failed as well,
not sure what that is.

That's all I see in the log files, is that any help?

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