mild profanity and other possible offences

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Wed Oct 20 01:53:11 UTC 2004

On Wed, Oct 20, 2004 at 09:42:32AM +1000, CB wrote:
> Totally agree. For those inclined to trumpet their disapproval of posts,
> it's also worth remembering that this is a global list, and many readers
> are very unlikely to share their particular local mores. We do not all
> share white wealthy American male values! (no offense meant there
> either:  it's just likely to be the biggest single subgroup here).

Just noticed that this thread was still going on. Sorry to create a big
fuss. I wasn't trying to impose my white American male values on anyone. The
comment I was replying to was a direct, derogatory slur against someone, and
even if, as I recognized in my original post, it was meant it good spirits,
it seemed like the sort of thing it'd be nice not to do here.

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