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Kevin Brick kbrick at
Wed Oct 20 07:54:40 UTC 2004

Hi all ...
I'm a software developer and first time Linux user, and have been
experiencing difficulties in the advanced stages of Red Hat Linux
installation.  I am attempting to install Linux as a second operating
system, on a PC already running Windows XP Home Edition.  I have two
hard disks in the PC.  Hard disk 1 (C:) has a 47 Mb fat partition, and a
78 Gb ntfs partition.  C: is also the master / bootable drive.  The
second disk (D:) had a single 40 Gb fat partition and is not bootable
(according to BIOS).  Using the parted software provided with red hat
linux, I created 4.5 Gb of empty space from cylinder 0 to 4500 on D:.
My partition on this drive now began at 4501.  This gave me enough space
to proceed with the automatic partitioning in the Linux installation (I
am using the graphical installation).  
When it came to setting up the boot manager, I simply accepted the
defaults and continued.  The installation seemed to run smoothly.  When
I first booted up my PC after installation, almost immediately, I was
presented with a blank screen and the word GRUB in the top left hand
corner.  This is as far as I can get into the system.  Its as if GRUB
has not installed properly, or has hung.  The keyboard is frozen and
booting stops.  My initial feeling was that as Linux is installed on a
non-bootable disk, GRUB was having problems working with it, but I'm not
I have attempted to reinstall Red Hat Linux with no boot manager, but
the same thing keeps on happening.  I have also changed the advanced
boot settings to boot from the master drive (/hda) and the other drive
(/hdd), but nothing works.  I would imagine that if I create a Windows
boot disk, I will be able to access windows again, but this is not
Does anyone know of a way to remove GRUB once installed or even better
... to fix it ?? I have access to the linux prompt through use of Red
Hat CD1 as a boot disk, if this would be of any help.  
Kevin Brick
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