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Wed Oct 20 21:07:45 UTC 2004

Fabiano wrote:
>> Maybe, but it doesn't explicitly cover VNC, which Jeremey needs.  I'm 
>> pretty sure he doesn't know *which* ports to allow through for VNC.
>> At least he needs to add 5900:tcp for DISPLAY :0, and add 1 for each 
>> succeeding DISPLAY that he wants to be available....
> It's a way..You are right you have to know the port number.
> I have no FC2 on this machine now.I remind about possibility to select a 
> trusted/server/application too(instead of port).
> If he ran VNC like service perhaps he could use this I right?

No.  The VNC service presents a "virtual" X11 server to the connecting 
client, not the one (or one of then ones) actually running on the 
console.  That's the subtle difference, and the reason why one is 
configured as a service and the other through the xorg.conf file.

If he starts a VNC service (in addition to his console X server) he'd 
have to use port 5901 to connect to the "service" X server, but Jeremey 
has already said he wants to be able to control his console X server 
just like the VNC server on Windows does....

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