[OT a little] Web page deconstruction

Clint Harshaw clint at penguinsolutions.org
Fri Oct 22 02:20:25 UTC 2004

Leonard Isham wrote:
> [snip]
> http://stockcharts.com/def/servlet/SC.scan?s=TVD[T.T_EQ_S]![AS0,20,TV_GT_40000]![TH0_GT_AM1,260,TH]
>>    It contains a table with information on stocks and I'd like to take
>>it, massage it, and eventually put it into a MySQL table elsewhere.
>>    I have a feeling that there's probably a Perl module that extracts
>>it and from there it's just a matter of working out a file format and
>>'slinging' it over to the web server.
>>    Anyone got an idea for how to extract this data? (Without all the
>>error-prone cut-n-paste, etc?)
> You'll want to start out by getting the information I would suggest
> curl or wget and then use perl to extract the information you want.

Naw, man, that's too much work ;-) just re-use some of the fine CPAN 
modules already written that extract the data for you!

Something's choking up the search.cpan.org site at the moment, but when 
it gets back in working order, do a cpan search for finance. You'll have 
immediate access to a large library of modules ready to use.


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