Fedora For Kids

Clint Harshaw clint at penguinsolutions.org
Sat Oct 23 22:14:35 UTC 2004

Christof Damian wrote:
> Is anyone working on a "Fedora For Kids" ? I know there is a project
> like this for debian (Debian Junior
> http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-jr/index )
> The daughter of my brother started playing around with fedora. She is
> mostly using gimp, but I think a simple preset with big icons to start
> a few applications (gimp, abiword and maybe some games) would make it
> even more intresting for her.
> I probably setup the box for her, but I guess there might be a wider
> interest.
> christof

For my 3 (just about 4) year old daughter, I simply set up a user 
account for her, and put the icons for the apps she wants on her own 
task bar.

She's learned how to log herself in, use gaim to say hello to me while 
I'm at work, and she loves tux-paint, pinball, khangman, tuxracer, and 


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