Questions with dual-boot setup.

David Le davidcle at
Mon Oct 25 21:58:35 UTC 2004


I have 2 separated disks and 1 PC.
-Disk 1 installed Windows XP originally.
-Disk 2 installed FC1 by me separately.

Currently, I have to swap between Disk 1 and Disk 2
when I boot-up my PC. It is very inconvenient so I
want to setup dual-boot such that I am able to select
the OS at the boot-up time and, in the futre, I can
always switch back to single boot with Windows XP disk
I'm not sure if Linux boot loader will change any
thing on the master boot record of Disk1 (Windows XP)
such that I cannot boot Disk1 without Disk2 attached?
I still need Disk 1 for other critical tasks so I'd
like to leave Disk 1 untouched as much as I can. 

Your answer is appreciated.

--david le.

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