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Wed Oct 27 16:22:19 UTC 2004

Am Mi, den 27.10.2004 schrieb Ow Mun Heng um 9:16:

> > Third line: I configure the MSA, which is the submission service, to be
> > bound to a specific IP and change the modifier, which is by default only
> > "M=E". I set it to be "M=Ea" and this way force authentication on port
> > 587. To be able to change the MSA you have to deactivate the standard
> > MSA before:

> May I ask, what do you use the MSA for? I believe it's only for a
> _local_ mail submission. But what is the difference then to just point
> the submission to port 25 default?
> I can understand the usage of MSA is  only port 25 is closed and you're
> not running as a mail-hub from internet.

No, I do not close port 25. It is open because it is an MX host and
other servers can talk to it.

Besides what Paul so nicely explained already, the specific setup with
the MSA allows me to bypass the greet_pause feature and the milters as
being an authenticated relayer. I don't need the virus checking and
spam-tagging for mails leaving my server by authed senders.


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