up2date showing wrong updates

Ryan McDougall izanseth at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 17:00:54 UTC 2004

Sorry if the output near the bottm looks messed up... DARN gmail for
inserting wired line breaks. The fedora list didn't get this last
time... SORRY.

Ok I really think I messed some stuff up when I updated the system
using yum and those other repositries.

Now when I try to do an update (in Gnome by the way using the rhn
notification icon in the system try) I get a package conflict error
with libXML here is the exact error:

Test install failed because of package conflicts:
file /usr/lib/libxml2.so.2 from install of libxml2-2.6.15-2 conflicts
with the file from package libxml2_2.6.10-2_11.rhfc2.at

now when I double click the alert icon it tells me what versions I
have and are available this is what comes up (including the perl stuff
just to hopefully help out.):

Package                         Installed                     Available
libxml2                  -2.6.10-2_11rhfc2.at    -2.6.15-2:,-2.6.15-2
libxml2-python      -2.6.10-2_11rhfc2.at    -2.6.15-2:,-2.6.15-2
perl-XML-LibXML               -1.53-1             -1.56-10:,-1.56-10
perl-XML-LibXML-Common      -0.12-1       -0.13-5:,-0.13-5
perl-XML-NameSpaceSupport  -1.08-1      -1.08-5:,-1.08-5
perl-XML-SAX                        -0.12-1        -0.96-2:,-0.96-2

Doing the "yum clear all" gave me a gaim update and a redhat-artwork
update that went flawlessly.

Thanx again.

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