up2date package marking & Red Carpet

Jorge Fábregas fabregasj at prtc.net
Fri Oct 29 04:10:33 UTC 2004

Hello all,

I use up2date for my FC2 and it works great. I run it weekly but every time I 
use it I have to see all the other packages which I DON'T want' to upgrade. 
Thus, if there are new updates I have to browse thru all these others...

Is there a way to prevent certain packages not showing on the update list? For 
example, "Red Carpet" calls it "to lock a package". You can mark or "lock" 
certain packages not to be considered for updating. If you lock a package you 
will not see it again. If you later want to unlock it you can (all this thru 

Is this available with up2date? 

Thanks in advance,

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