FC2 AMD64 install error!

James Wilkinson james at westexe.demon.co.uk
Wed Sep 1 12:41:29 UTC 2004

Ram Kumar wrote:
> I tried to add 'S' to startup script by..
> - clicking "Fedora.." in the grub screen
> - clicking 'a' to go to init arguments
> - appending 'S' to the existing script.
> It reported a fatal error. Totally stopped running.
> Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I do not understand what.
> Can I find some e-Book or web site which can explain me the startup
> process, X Windows etc...?

Make sure you add that to the line that has /boot/vmlinuz-... in it (I
can't remember whether that starts /boot/vmlinuz... or kernel...

Make sure there's a space between what's already there and the S.

Try adding a 3, not an S.


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