Linux-friendly ISPs?

Nick David monkeywrencher at
Fri Sep 3 00:12:00 UTC 2004

Linux can be used for any internet connection. If your modem / ethernet
card works with linux you can get online. Not supported just means they
wont help you set it up. But if your using linux you should have the
skill to do this. Dont let a lack of offical linux support stop you. The
only isps that might not work are those with propriety software like aol
and such.
On Thu, 2004-08-26 at 13:51, Adam Boettiger wrote:
> Is there clear documentation on how to set it up?  I couldn't find it on 
> their site.
> Also, in the event that I am not near a cable connection, do you know if 
> Comcast offers dialup option into their accounts from a modem?  I 
> couldn't find this from their site either.
> Finally, do any of the major ISPs support linux for dialup access?
>  > Although Comcast doesn't officially support Linux, it works pretty 
> effortlessly. In fact, I found Linux easier to set up in > Comcast than XP.

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