Root mail

Michael stuff at
Fri Sep 3 06:47:28 UTC 2004

> When running in text mode, I have noticed before that when I log in as
> root, I see the notification that I have new mail. I figured it was
> system mail, and read through some of it, but I am curious as to what
> generates it and why? I know one time I forgot to su before running a
> command and my computer told me it was going to "report" me, which I
> thought was pretty funny. What is cron? I see cron.daily and cron.weekly
> reports also.
> I can read the e-mail though the console, but can I configure it like a
> regular mailbox in Kmail or Mozilla when running in graphical mode?

You should set an alias for root to an actual human account on the system.


root: yourusername

then just rebuild the aliases.db database.


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