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Andrea Giuliano a.giuliano at
Fri Sep 3 10:20:06 UTC 2004

Thornton wrote:

>I am having a problem with my sound card.  It just doesn't play anything
>anymore in any app.  Basically its dead.  I tried to detect sound card
>and it located it, clicked 
>test sound and nothing plays.  It used to work fine.  I haven't 
>installed anything new or anything like that.  Just the up2date 
>updates.  Could any of them effected my sound.  I am using a 
>asus mb w/ a nvidia sound card.
>Any suggestions would be great.
>Thank you
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Have you tried "gstreamer-properties" from the command line? Some months 
ago I solved a similar problem hacking with this application, but I'm 
note sure it's the right solution for you. At least you could try.

Also, are you sure you have no problem with the external "hardware"? I 
mean, loud speakers, jacks, wires and such? If the s.c. is damaged, I 
guess some odd message would be issued by some sound related 
application, but you say that doesn't happen...

I know, it's not too much, sorry...

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