Image Editing slow in Fedora

Robin Laing Robin.Laing at
Fri Sep 3 18:44:38 UTC 2004

Douglas Furlong wrote:
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>>Do you not have web space where you can place the image and post a link?
>>If not send the file to me off list, and I'll post a link to it for you.
>>I am fairly certain there is a not so dormant hornets nest that you'd be
>>whacking with a cattle prod if you posted that to the list ;)
> This as now available at

I downloaded this file twice and I could not view anything in 4 
different programs.  While openning it in the gimp, I received a whole 
slew of error messages.

I couldn't convert the file with ImageMagick.

I tried different conversion programs and in all cases I got errors. 
Either the file is corrupt or the program that is doing the saving has 
a bug.  I would suspet the latter as I could pull some info out of the 

This was in the tiff header:
Compression Scheme: CCITT Group 4
Software: "Oi/GFS, writer v00.06.02"

00015-2.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 32934 (0x80a6) ignored.

This is one of the error messages that I received.
   Fax4Decode: Warning, 00015-2.tif: Line length mismatch at scanline 
159 (got 10816, expected 10800).

There were a whole lot of these above messages.

If the compression is corrupt, then any graphics program could endup 
looping.  I ran top while loading the graphic and with three different 
programs, the memory would keep climbing.

Try saving the graphic in a different format after scanning or 
uncompressed.  See how that works.

Robin Laing

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