SSH without password

Mr R A Mercer r.a.mercer at
Sat Sep 4 19:42:08 UTC 2004

Michael Sullivan wrote:
> I've got two computers, a server and a client.  The server doesn't have
> a monitor hooked up to it, so I always access it from the client through
> SSH.  I want to be able to ssh over to the server from the client PC
> without having to type in my password every time.  I scp'd my
> ~/.ssh/known_hosts file over to the server, but it still asks me for my
> password every time I log in over there (which is quite often
> actually.)  What else do I have to do to avoid having to enter my
> password every time?
> -Michael Sullivan-

These series of articles by Daniel Robbins are very useful

They discuss the use of keychain 
( to se up secure 
passwordless ssh access



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