Video Card Question - Beginner

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Mon Sep 6 03:18:38 UTC 2004

Hi Bradley,
I am about as rank a newbie as you can find and had few if any problems
installing the NVidia driver using their install program.  If it has
problems with the install it will tell you what they are and (very nearly)
exactly what you need to do to make it happen.  I do suggest d/ling and
reading the readme file they have available at their website.  It explains
how to do it in great detail.  It was painless and really very easy.  And
you'll get to enjoy the 3d goodness you bought the card for in the first
Read the file, do the install, enjoy the fun.  Hope this helps.
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> Thanks for the great list.
> I have an MSI nVIDIA Ti4200 8X 128MB video card that is extremely jumpy
> Tux Racer and 3D screen savers.
> Will drivers from the nVIDIA site help this or do I need openGL drivers
> (which I couldn't locate for this card)?
> I am asking this question instead of experimenting because I am paranoid
> losing my display and not having the experience to bring it back.
> Thanks.
> Bradley
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