Changing Console Resolution

CB fedoralist at
Mon Sep 6 05:25:10 UTC 2004

Scott Talbot wrote:

>	I don't remember where it is now, there is a list that contains all of
>the codes for multiple resolutions.  On the kernel line in your
>grub.conf add vga=792 will get you a high res screen somewhere about 50
>lines IIRC.  You can alternately put vga=ask which will nag you at boot
>for a resolution.

So far so good, thanks. Now on boot my console briefly flips to the new 
mode but then switches back to the default. This seems to be driven by 
/etc/rc.sysinit which calls /sbin/setsysfont. Anyone know what the 
recommended way to customise this would be? Edit rc.sysinit? Or  change 
$SYSFONT? (in which case, where, and to what)?

Suggestions as to what to read to find out how to make these kinds of 
changes would be welcome.

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