FC2 and MySQL.

Alexander Dalloz alexander.dalloz at uni-bielefeld.de
Tue Sep 7 16:20:04 UTC 2004

Am Di, den 07.09.2004 schrieb Emil Valsson um 11:27:

> The thing is I am trying to get LOAD DATA INFILE to work but no luck yet. I
> have tried to edit the following line to /etc/init.d/mysqld
> /usr/bin/safe_mysqld  --defaults-file=/etc/my.cnf --local-infile=1
> >/dev/null 2>&1 &
> This doesn't seem to work, does anyone know how I can enable this feature?

Sorry, "doesn't seem to work" is an opinion but no valid error
description. What exactly happens when you do what?

Did you read




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