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> I know this topic must have been treated many times but here is my problem :

This is no real excuse. If you dig the list archive you will find enough
discussions about usage of USB sticks on FC1/2. And you'll find hints to
debug things if it does not work like expected.

> I just installed FC2 (though I had some problems with my ASUS motherboard) and
> updated everything. With FC1, I was used to mount my usbkeys with the following
> command :
> mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/removable

The partition hasn't hardly changed. So it will still be sda1.

> It doesn't work anymore... I used many other mounting point such as sda sda2
> sda3... sdb sdb1 ... but nothing worked.

Blind trials make not much sense.

> I launched the hardware browser to see the mounting point of my usbkey and
> here... NOTHING ! It doesn't appear .....

Take the stick out. Run a terminal with "tail -f /var/log/messages" and
observe the syslog when plugging in the USB stick. There must come up
some messages. "fdisk -l" should show you the drive and it's
partition(s). If you tricked already too much and messages output keeps
emptry when plugging and unplugging then do a reboot - with stick not
connected. Retry with syslog observation.


No reason to shout out.


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