k3b rights problem

Clint Harshaw clint at penguinsolutions.org
Thu Sep 9 00:44:59 UTC 2004

Yohann Desquerre wrote:
> hi all,
> i'v just upgraded my fc2 system and that i can't access my writer as a 
> simple user. To see my writer i need to start k3b as root !
> when i do a help=>system check k3b say me that cdrecord and cdrdao 
> didn't run with root priviliege and tu use k3bsetup to solve that .... 
> but k3bsetup didn't exist anymore??????
> any ideas ?
> Thanks

As others have suggested, try one of these workarounds until the kernel 
gets fixed to allow non-root users access to burn CDs:

1) su to root and run k3b
2) log in as root and run k3b
3) reboot into an earlier kernel (<2.6.7.x)

Unfortunately, in my own case, 1 and 2 just didn't work at all. k3b (and 
cdrecord) just wouldn't work. My dvd/cdrw drive was only recognized as a 
reader -- for all users, root and non-root alike.

Even worse, I had deleted the older kernels (note to self: keep at least 
one older kernel installed -- a lesson well-learned). So I had to 
install an older kernel via rpm.

I've written a short tutorial for anyone with the same situation at this 


Hope this helps,

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