Failed RH9 to FC2 upgrade

Joachim Backes backes at
Fri Sep 10 05:49:25 UTC 2004

On 10-Sep-2004 John Rowan wrote:
>  I have a beautifully working dual boot RH 9 / Windows Millenium Edition 
>  with GRUB managing which booted.  Having installed FC2 on a Compaq 
>  Proliant 6500 with new hard drives I figured I'd try upgrading my Dell 
>  Dimensions 866 from RH 9 / WindowsMe to FC2/WindowsMe.    I booted from 
>  disc 1 which passed checks and MD5SUM on the ISO images.  It reported 
>  that the partition geometry was set incorrectly by another program but I 
>  could ignore and fix later.  30 minutes into the install the machine 
>  rebooted back to the initial welcome / check CD prior to install.  I 
>  started the install again, opting this time to format the partion as 
>  there was nothing on the Linux side I needed (a test machine).  The 
>  install proceeded on through asking for disc 2 then 3.  Ten minutes into 
>  disc 3 the machine rebooted leaving me without a boot loader.  I tried 
>  installing again choosing to upgrade the FC2 install.  It asked for disc 
>  3, then said nothing was changed and the boot loader would not be 
>  upgraded.  I rebooted and just a grub> prompt.  It's too late to start a 
>  multi CD install now.  I don't want to loose the Me partition as it has 
>  my Novell client, Arcserve and lots of other stuff I need.  I guess I'll 
>  have to reinstall RH 9?
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Hi, John,

this is a known problem which can be solved without WinME re-installation.
PLease have a look at


Joachim Backes


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