aic7xx system hangs

C. Linus Hicks lhicks at
Sat Sep 11 00:15:39 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-09-10 at 14:55, Jeremy Conlin wrote:
> I did install FC2 from the CDs.  My latest installation was upgrading 
> from RH9.  I know my system will boot into RH9 so that is where I 
> started.  I can boot the installer CD into rescue mode, but don't know 
> where to check the version numbers for the kernel and aic7xxx driver.  
> What would I do when I find those numbers?

When you installed FC2, did you upgrade an existing RH9 installation on
that system or did you do a new install?

You say you know your system will boot into RH9 - is that present tense,
as in you have it set up to dual boot, or are you just saying that you
know it works properly with RH9?

If the only way you have to look at the installed system is by booting
from CD (Knoppix, rescue mode, etc.) I would do that and try the old
aic7xxx driver. It doesn't work on my system. I get data overrun errors
and it doesn't register any devices, but I am running amd64 so that
could be the difference.

Here's what you will have to do to use the old driver (please note this
is a non-trivial process):

Boot the FC2 CD into rescue mode.

You will need access to the partitions where you installed FC2 and this
will require mounting them in non-standard locations.

Copy, not move, copy the <your install>/boot/initrd-<bletch>.img file to

I'm not sure you'll have all the programs you will need in your path, so
you may have to get creative about mounting additional partitions and
adding appropriate directories to your path.

Rename that initrd file in /tmp to end in .img.gz then gunzip it.

Make sure you have some empty directory like /mnt/img where you can
mount another filesystem, then mount that .img file:

mount /tmp/initrd-<bletch>.img /mnt/img -o loop

Make sure you have the partition on your FC2 system that has the
/lib/modules directory mounted, and copy
/lib/modules/<kernelversion>/kernel/drivers/scsi/aic7xxx_old.ko to
/mnt/img/lib/ then cd to where you just moved it.

In there you will see a few files, including now two aic7xxx* files, so
delete the one that was there, aic7xxx.ko and rename aic7xxx_old.ko to

Now cd back to /tmp and umount /mnt/img.

Next gzip the initrd file, and you will end up with a .img.gz again.
Change that to something like initrd-<bletch>-old.img and copy it to
<your install>/boot/.

Now edit your /boot/grub/grub.conf (make sure you are editing the one on
your installed system).

Duplicate the section of four lines including the sequence of title,
root, kernel, and initrd. Modify that duplicated set of four lines as

Change the title line to signify it is for your modified initrd. This is
just text you will see on the Fedora boot screen.

Change the initrd line to specify the name of your new one (with the

Save your modifications and you should be ready to reboot. Remember to
remove the CD.

When it gets to the boot screen this time you should see two entries.
Select your new one and good luck.

C. Linus Hicks <lhicks at>

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