3 hard drives as 1 solved but one question still (Thanks)

Ragnar Wiencke ragnarw at mi.is
Sat Sep 11 18:09:40 UTC 2004

Thanks guys for your quick response and answers.
It is up and running and now I just have to fight a bit with W98, W2K, XP
and Samba a bit. But I'm getting used to that one.
Thanks allot guys.
Ragmar W.
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> On Saturday 11 September 2004 11:51, Ragnar Wiencke wrote:
> > Thanks, this worked!!
> > But there is one question though, what are you telling me with "You
> > move the mount point off the / directory to be FHS
> >  compliant" ?
> I beleve he is suggesting that you should not mount /dev/mapper/vg01-lv01
to a
> directory directly under / (ie /drif), but to a subdirectory, such as /mnt
> (ie /mnt/drif). of course it doesn't have to be /mnt ...
> just as a follow-up to the original post, were you aware that    you don;t
> have top specify tye number of extents for an lv, you can ask for a
> size, in Kb, Mb, Gb or Tb?
> > > > 4    Then I ran lvcreate -l4 -nlv01 vg01
> this would then be lvcreate -L 250G -n lv01 vg01
> Stuart
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