Creating bootable disks

Rachel rachel at
Sun Sep 12 07:15:45 UTC 2004

Ok, I downloaded the i386 ISOs. And I was able to get everything installed
on the new box. Thank you Greg, Martin, Alexander, and Darren.

Now when my system reboots it is asking me for a localhost login. Although I
do recall entering a password, I do not recall setting up a login user.

Can anyone help me get past this login ?

Thanks for your help !

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> On Sun, 2004-09-12 at 02:41, Rachel wrote:
> > I just got done building a P4 machine with a pristine 160GB hd upon
> > which I want to install Fedora.
> >
> > I downloaded the 4 FC2-x86_64-discN.iso images to my laptop.
> I hate to tell you this, but you've downloaded the wrong ISOs. The
> x86_64 arch is for 64-bit processors. The P4 is a 32-bit processor. You
> want the FC2-i386-discX.iso ISOs. I hope you've got a fast connection!
> Best, Darren
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