Red Hat Fedora vs Enterprise Linux WS vs Desktop

Bob Hartung rwhart at
Mon Sep 13 10:33:56 UTC 2004

   As I see it the paid for products are going to have a longer 
guaranteed life span with updates and fixes.  FC is basically a test bed 
for tech that will eventually end up in the Enterprise products line.

   My only catch is the annual fee.  SuSE enterprise server is less that 
US$400 per year.  I am not sure how there can be such a large price range.



Adam Boettiger wrote:
> I almost hate to ask this question on this list, but I've looked in the 
> archives and can't find it.  I've looked at this chart here:
> My question is:
> Other than getting the paid support, is there any real reason to buy 
> Redhat Enterprise Linux WS or Redhat Linux Desktop as opposed to just 
> using Fedora IN A DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT? (not a server)
> The comparison chart doesn't really do a great job of prompting me to 
> take out my credit card.  I don't get it. Is it just that the commercial 
> versions are supposedly more stable and have more packages available for 
> them or ... ?
> If this question has been asked before, just tell me so and shoot me the 
> URL off-list or on-list and I'll happily RTFM, but I have looked and no 
> can find.
> AB

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