Problem with noapic options with Fedora core 2

kioto webmaster at
Wed Sep 15 10:08:35 UTC 2004

Paul Howarth wrote:

> Thanks to your answer, excuse me for double post but i think that 
> there are problems to send messages to the list.

    When I boot  installation from CD i press F4 to kernel option and i 
write this parameters to the kernel:
    linux acpi=off noapic
    The installation not to be able starting with a graphical mode.
    I have the same problem about the installation of Mandrake 10 and 
with noapic i have found the solution about this problem.
    The reason of this problem is the chipset that create problem with 
apic but with fedora i don't have any result with kernel option.
    Thanks to all  and good work with your Fedora :):):)

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