MSI Mega 180 (Barebones) and FC2

Rush rushlight at
Thu Sep 16 06:45:04 UTC 2004

Hey everyone. I know you all are busy, so I'll try to keep this short.

I'm considering installing FC2 (replacing XP) on an MSI Mega 180 
barebones system (Shuttle-style PC). My primary concern is how well (if 
at all)of my wireless adapter (onboard 802.11b). I've searched the 
Fedora and Redhat HW compat lists, MSI's site, and Google and Usenet, 
and found nothing regarding this system and Fedora. If anyone can shed 
some light on this, I'd be eternally grateful. Here is a link to the 
Mega 180's description on MSI's site:

Again, thanks.


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